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Radio Silence .. ... ... Beep Boop

Published: 2012-10-19

Author: Teddi

We are heavily aware that for the past month and a bit we have been pretty silent on all [BB] related matters. For some of this, it was intentional. For others, not so much.

In terms of development, we placed a semi hold on it because a rapid amount of updates started spilling out in the beta which meant that little things kept getting changed often without any documentation which became rather frustrating for us. Another thing is updates could just break things at will and being able to do nothing about it for 48 hours+ just kills any motivation we have.

So in the long run we’ve been doing more real life stuff, maintenance and so on. The web server has received a minor upgrade thanks to the awesome sale Afterburst are having with their VPSes.  Some back-end stuff has been streamlined and our revision system now runs on GIT. There’s still quite a bit to come including some major forum upgrades which I’m sure all members, both new and old will greatly appreciate.

So what’s in the future?

With GM13 just around the corner to be released, all of our Platinum based gamemodes are being updated and given a slightly refreshed look. The store will return at some point soon after the update as will Cubes and with this hopefully new items and costumes for players to spend their cubes on. As we’ve recently spotted players returning to those servers we hope that it’ll give them a better experience and hopefully revitalize the servers as a whole.

As this is somewhat trivial and should be done somewhat soon (for at least Deathrun, TTT and Build at least) we will move on to Roleplay. We’ve been reviewing the code and some of the paradigms we use and have decided that some parts of it could use a major overhaul or take advantage of new features. This coupled with the fact some very major changes to GM13 occurred recently means that although it will take slightly longer than we originally expected to get the gamemode out, shouldn’t stop it in any way.


There should be more content soon following this post from Killermon and myself. Forum Thread:

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