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Gosh where has the time gone (roundup)

Published: 2012-09-15

Author: Teddi

Just as a general note first of all, Garrysmod 13 has been pushed back to the 24th of October.

It’s that time of year where people have to unfortunately get back into life and the wheel keeps churning. However I thought I’d give a quick little roundup on things that have been occuring.

Trouble in Terrorist Town is populated

Yep, as a result of some Youtube stardom our TTT server has become rather popular and full. As a result I’ve updated it to be as balanced and fair as possible, whilst still rather fun! The other perk is that I also brought back the Platinum “benefits” for it. These benefits are not overly powerful and still provide a fun and maintainable game.

If you want to see all the updates applied to TTT over time, click here. Otherwise if you want to join, click here instead.


As a result of the updates to Platinum and TTT, we have temporarily lowered Platinum to be $10 for a short while. Platinum is a lifetime benefit which means you only pay once! View Platinum in more detail and all its benefits.


Is getting closer to being finished in general. More details will come of this sooner though.

Other things

I’ve been converting the revision system we use from SVN to GIT which gives us some flexibility when it comes to development.

At the moment with SVN we’re restricted to a single repo per project. Obviously we can create more repos for various projects, but this then gets messy and fiddly.  Git serves our interests far better with the branching system and as a result we’re moving to it. We’re not 100% of the way there yet, but we’re certainly getting there.


Most things have been converted and are ready to be used in GM13. There are still key things like the Jukebox, Votemap etc which need to be brought up to date, which shall be done soon. DJs will once again be able to play music!

Steam Group

Not in our Steam Group? Well you should be! It’s where we post all announcements and events such as these blog posts. You can also contact all admins (including myself) here. Omg let me in already!


If you have any questions, feel free to ask more on the forums!

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