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"We want RP, We want RP"

Published: 2012-11-22

Author: Teddi

In short, it’s getting there

In long;

We took a look at some portions of the code recently and have reworked them over. This was effectively required in the long run to assist in making the code behind the systems as scale-able as possible.  In the future it could have caused some pretty annoying issues had we not actually gotten around to sorting this out now.

The item system alongside the entity system is underway following the same practices as the systems we just updated. Once this is done the main core of the game is done and is technically playable once we’ve added the actual items / content ingame. This part thankfully is really easy, just time consuming because hey, lots of variables to go with said items.

Weaponry has had bit of a setback with GM13. I’m working through these issues for the most part, whether or not they’ll all be good to go at release isn’t a sure thing, but if so then we can have a temporary thing going for it and then push through an update to change these items should anyone actually manage to have them.

Oh and AEGIS for the police may be in a rather rudimentary form upon release. It’s a case of gamemode development v web development (and the fact Garry only just re-added gui.OpenURL)

So, getting there, and release shouldn’t be too far into the future.

Link to forum thread -!-We-want-RP!-quot

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