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Download Packages + Custom Models

Published: 2012-08-18

Author: Teddi

Quick update to answer two questions I’ve been getting commonly as of late -

Custom models may make their way into the game eventually, however they certainly won’t be there at release or soon after. Custom models are nice for people to feel unique with and be able to stand out, however each model alone is roughly ~8 files and then the materials for that model are often around 5-6. This means that per file you have 14 files. Now if ten people have custom models, that’s an extra 140 files that the client has to download to play on the server.

The platinum based gamemodes already have custom models and a system to try and reduce the amount the client has to download (inactive for >3 days and it’s removed from the queue, play again and readded) however with RP players would be playing more often. There are plans for a custom resource system that would allow you to download the content whilst playing (a system I worked on a long time ago, worked however made the server a tad crashy) however this won’t be added for a while.

As for having “content packages”, these will made available via the Steam Workshop and will be updated every few months due to the “alpha” distribution of workshop files: if a workshop file is uploaded, you have to redownload the  entire thing again. If Valve ever switch the workshop to delta updates (only download the changes) then it may occur more frequently.

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