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Minor Donation Information

Published: 2012-08-18

Author: Teddi

This is here as a general clarification thing and to just explain some future news in regards to some donation information. To simplify things, have two minor lists



  • One time fee of $15
  • Only works for our platinum based gamemodes (Deathrun, Surf, TTT, Zombie Escape and so on)
  • Perks depend per gamemode
  • Access to the super top secret platinum forums (because this is such a huge perk!)
  • List which really needs updating -

The general issue here is that  BBuild (Sandbox) and Lobby don’t really fall into either category because various types of people like to play these gamemodes. Therefore from today there is also a general “Donator” status of which as long as you’re Platinum or Advanced, you get access to and all the perks that apply to it alongside it.

These perks will be announced in the future.

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