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Merchants and You

Published: 2012-07-02

Author: Teddi

Being a good merchant is everything in todays world, albeit it’s far more streamlined and not quite as elaborate as it was a few hundred years ago.

In Roleplay there’s going to be various ways to get your way up in the world. Not only do you have the ability to gather resources and produce something outstanding, but you can actually instead just trade items around. Being a good Merchant will be everything for people that want to get to the top. Having contacts that you can trust to help get you solid deals, knowing the best place to sell and the best time of day to sell at are just a few things to mention.

Not only will you have the ability to trade person to person and via stores, you also have the ability to use the Auction House that will be available. The Auction House as already described is a place where players will be able to list items with a small cut of the final price going to the Auction House. It would be wise for individual businesses to try and use the Auction House to sell some of their stock, possibly at a slightly lower price to guarantee it shifts.

I’m attempting to stress the power of being a Merchant through the blogs because there will be no system where you just buy some “druglike” entity that automatically prints money. You will have to work for your money in some way. How you do that though is entirely up to you.

This rounds up the recent postings of blogs. I hope this gives some further insight into the markets and why the lazy way on’t be the good way.

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