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"Insert event / type Roleplay here" Roleplay

Published: 2012-07-20

Author: Teddi

The GMod community as a whole appears to have forgotten what Roleplaying actually is. It’s not some piss poor thing where one moment you’re in character doing “woah passive RP” and then as soon as you die you scream “OMG RDM SOME NOOB SHOT ME ADMIN HELP HELP HELP”. Just because you were shot doesn’t mean it was particularly random. Wrong time, wrong place.

Browsing various communities and seeing what they provide in terms of Roleplay is actually fairly saddening. These days you have “Fear Roleplay”, “Aggresive Roleplay”, “Hostage Roleplay”, “Doctor Roleplay”, “Erotic Roleplay” and so on. It’s like seeing bits of string chopped up and jerked around instead of being one nice long fluid piece. It just makes no sense to me why this has happened and I can’t further fathom as to why no one has actually turned around and gone “okay, lets actually work to make this better with an appropriate enviroment”.

Hell I remember (rose tinted glasses please) better Roleplay from the days of GMod 9, when it was down to trading melons with each other. Okay so the original playerbase since then has moved on so I can’t expect to see the same things happening over time. However what I didn’t expect to see was to see Roleplay becoming exponentially shit over time.

We’re all hoping here on the development team that we can at least push things back in the right direction, get Roleplay actually “fun” again.


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