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Markets and Traders Pt. 3

Published: 2012-07-01

Author: Teddi

So a War has been going on for six months now, with Charlie leading the forefront and Alpha being dragged in (yay defense declerations!). Charlie at this point is still on the warpath and wanting to get them damn terrurusts with Alpha miserably dragging their tail behind Charlie wishing they never entered this war.

Beta on the other hand is having a pleasant time, in fact they’re wealthier than ever! But why?

Well firstly Wars are expensive. History teaches us this that with every war a state has had to raise funds somehow. Typically in ye olde days it was by taxing the poor to make them even poorer. Secondly Beta never put all their value into their currency. At the end of the day commodities are what really hold the value and as a result they have what everyone wants meaning (as said in the previous post) they can choose who they sell to and for how much.

Another six months has now passed and Alpha + Charlie have unexpectedly managed to pull through a victory and win the war. Suddenly all the armour that Beta has been mass producing is now almost worthless. Beta is now in a small crisis. However the details of the crisis don’t really matter to us because it’s nowhere near the catastrophe that Alpha and Charlie in. A few people in Beta have surplus stock that they now need to try and liquidate which is a typical thing when products become mass produced and there is no desire for them anymore.

If you haven’t by this point cottoned on to the events I have been relating to  then you need to pay more attention to our actual world today.

In the world today America is in the shitter with so much debt it’ll be practically impossible in the near future to dig themselves out of that hole. This isn’t just a “lmao debt” thing, this is plain fact. Any country that went heavily off their currency (UK - (GBP), France (Euro), Italy (Euro), Greece (Euro) have effectively done themselves in because they have ceased to actually produce anything worthwhile and instead just attempted to use their currency as leverage.

Countries like Norway and Germany (or if you need a really obvious example, China) have come out of this fairly unscathed because instead of putting all their value into currencies they have put their money into physical objects such land and production of goods. Infact both of the countries mentioned are actually borrowing heavily to debt heavy countries because they can profit heavily off this with high interest rates.

This should be a lesson that when trading on the server you should always have some form of backup plan to ensure that you are never in a position where you may have to lend heavily or simply go bankrupt.

Tomorrow will be a focus on more individual trading and market schemes which may appear.


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