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Published: 2013-06-16

Author: Teddi

This is probably going to be more of a lengthy post than per usual to make up for lack of recent blog posts



The forums have been upgraded to XenForo and are here to stay, replacing the previous vBulletin software we’ve ran for the past 3 years. Due to this it’s currently impossible to donate for platinum and other things. The good news is that the system eventually will be converted over to its own system which incorporates the Life aspects of it as well. Hopefully the forums will perform better over time and people will find them more enjoyable to use. The company behind the previous software has gone to utter shit in terms of caring about their software, which impacted us quite heavily. People weren’t seeing new posts, receiving random errors and even in the rare case, threads just weren’t being created. Thankfully this is all rectified and we’ve noticed a slight pickup in activity on the forums (and general traffic actually). Things are still quiet, but are proving to at least providing a better experience.

I’m aware mobile users get shafted at the moment and we’re still using the stock theme, but that will change over time, so bear with me on that please.

Platinum Gamemodes

Platinum gamemodes should start seeing a revival of their servers and updates. Life still holds priority, however with some changes to our core gamemode this can be felt and reflected across all gamemodes regardless. Speaking of other gamemodes, apparently people weren’t aware of our Lobby gamemode. Whilst it’s still very bare-bones, it is working with the cinema areas in there, the server portals and the deathmatch area.The Lobby is something that I personally want to see expanded as a general social area for players to congregate should they want to simply socialize. Deathrun will most likely return soon after the next few updates of Life meaning players which prefer that will be able to start playing again, with updated systems which should work better than previously.


Work on Life had temporarily stalled due to exams for Whitefang and myself, however Killermon has generously picked up some of the slack and as a result certain aspects have been given bit of a face lift and an update. We’re looking to have the more central themes of Life out particuarly soon so players can actively start playing on it and getting somewhere. Unfortunately we’re not 17 anymore meaning that our time is less, but arguably at the same time we’re able to actually allocate time better now to these projects. We should have some new media available soon thanks to Kaiden, allowing us to start rolling out the lore among other things.

So Overall..

Apologies to those waiting in the background waiting to play. We haven’t forgotten and we still are working on this, it’s just a matter of short time now before this is all available for your consumption. Just bear with us that little longer.

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