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Road to Life, Day 0

Published: 2013-04-27

Author: Teddi

And so it begins, the eventual (slow) rollout of what is now called Life.

Over the upcoming month or so we will begin to unlock and release content for the entire gamemode. For the time being however we need to refine that and also ensure that we can maintain a decent amount of activity, including active character creation and so on. As a result of this we’ve opened up the server to everyone with a whopping 80 slots and added a very limited section of the gamemode. Currently the entire performance of the server over time is being monitored with just players, the map and some barebones essentials. Crafting / Items / NPCS / other core features are currently turned off whilst we check how things run.

Some areas like parts of the police station and corp buildings are blocked off and cannot be accessed. These are for development purposes. So everyone is invited to join, look around, present any feedback on the forums and the usual. Please keep in mind this isn’t the totally finished version, just part of what we’re slowly rolling out.

If you do come across any issues, please make a forum thread here with as much detail as possible.

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