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Production of RP

Published: 2013-04-11

Author: Teddi

Roleplay has been underway since April this month, to the extent that a decent amount has actually been fixing pre-existing code. A reason we left it this late is Garry was constantly changing things about that once again, we were playing catch up. The upside is now we’re looking to actually hit a release date for once (?!).  So whilst we may have a rather functional gamemode, it’s not going to be too pretty and certain features (eg corps, vehicles) will be temporarily missing from the game.

We don’t believe people will have enough money for even the base corporation costs for a solid month, which gives us enough time to sort them properly and get them out. Same thing with vehicles, as you effectively require a corporation to get them rolled out. People will finally be able to experience the gamemode and whilst it won’t be quite the ultimate thing that we were hoping for initially, it should provide enough of a unique experience to hopefully be entertaining and enjoyable.

Once RP is released people should start to notice that places like the forums will get upgraded and so on. Without RP looming over us it becomes a fair bit easier to designate time to other tasks.

(Link to forum thread)

In the meantime, have a VOD from of when I was livestreaming minor parts of the gamemode and the map as a whole.

Watch live video from teddior on TwitchTV

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