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Perks and Donations

Published: 2012-04-27

Author: Teddi

I’ve had some questions about donations andd  how platinum / advanced works with the RP gamemode. It’s fairly straightforwards however it seems somewhere there’s confusion amongst several members.

First of all Platinum is for the more “arcadey” gamemodes.  So this is for Deathrun, Surf, Zombie Escape and so on.  The idea behind this is that it’s a one time perk that allows the user to have some minor benefits as a way of saying thank you for donating. They can donate more should they wish but otherwise it’s a one time, for life donation. Any gamemodes that come out that are platinum based will automatically come with benefits (should there be any).

Advanced is more of a subscription based micro-transaction with a slight twist.

My attitude over the years has shifted from giving outright benefits to players to that of very minor benefits or cosmetic changes. I’m against the whole “pay 2 win” thing and I find it incredibly annoying when games effectively lock me out of content just because they want me to pay some horrible conversion rate to their game points (and then you’re always stiffed because you get 500 points, but the content is like 300 points each). So the general idea is that we give you something in return that will benefit you, but it won’t outright dominate players that simply aren’t donating.

However this doesn’t apply too well to those that bought perks all those years ago back in [BB] Classic (RP08).  That’s right, we haven’t forgotten you (infact we have the entire database of every single perk that people bought) and we expect to give these people a return on what they donated for.

A quick reminder on the perks -

Custom ModelAllowed for a custom player model for your character
Super Inventory+20 Inventory slots
Enhanced DruglabsDruglabs lasted 300% longer
Mr MoneybagsCash income from salary and druglabs were increased by 10%
Keypad HackerFree keypad hacker (tradable)
RadioFree Radio (tradable)
Reserved Slot AccessExactly what it says
Props 20 / 40An extra 20 / 40 props (stackable)

All of those are going to be translated into perks for those that donated and these will vary between single characters and account-wide perks.

PerkDescriptionSingle use / MultipleFlags
Smart PickCan pick low tier doors, unbreakable.Single CharacterTradable, Stealable, Unbreakable
Basic RadioGives you a basic radioSingle CharacterTradable
Opulent StorageAdditional storage which lets you carry more items that are weightless!Single CharacterNon-tradable, Undroppable
Sturdy ContraptionsObjects take 20% more damage to breakMultiple CharacterNon-tradable
Golden DaysOne month of advanced for the accountMultiple CharacterN/A
Mr MoneybagsStart with additional 5kSingle CharacterN/A
Subsidiary EquipmentStart with a TentSingle CharacterTradable.

The perks above aren’t quite in order but you can probably match them up. We  may bring out perks for new users or reuse a couple of the ones above however for now the above perks are set in stone for old users.

We’re aware that various people are also wanting to know what Advanced players get, so here’s the current list of benefits that you would gain for $5 (per month).

  • Reserved Slot
  • Base increase to all stats by 20%
  • Advanced Storebox in the bank
  • Upon death one item (or stack) is sent to the bank assuming there is space in the main account (illegal items are not affected by this).
  • Equal benefits to platinums in Lobby.
  • Access to Advanced Forums
  • Get Advanced title ([A])
  • Access to the Advanced wardrobe (more skins)
  • Any future Advanced features will be applied to all current Advanced players.

We’re aware  that they do pale in comparison to the original RP08 / 09 perks (Physgun, props, no-vote police) but this gamemode fundamentally functions in a different way in it’s approach to everything. They’re especially not too powerful which means that non Advanced users aren’t going to feel dominated every time someone comes over and whacks them with a prop.

A topic I never really wanted to broach was donatable money.  I don’t really want to have people buy money however I believe we have come up with a solution on how to manage it.

There will be a “pot” of currency available each day or so. This pot will scale with the economy as so it doesn’t become values too high or too little. The difference here however is that once the money in the pot is gone, no one else can donate for money until it has been refilled, which will happen randomly 24-48 hours after the pot has hit a certain “low” threshold. This should hopefully regulate the economy and prevent people from becoming rich with no effort.

The pricing will start off at $1.50 per 500 currency, Minimum of 1000 currency.

The only reason we’re even doing this is to prevent some sort of real world - ingame world conversion happening  where people will gladly start swapping money / games for ingame cash (which did happen before). This way we’re (hopefully) able to regulate it and prevent anyone from losing their money.

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