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McDonalds burger buns (pt2)

Published: 2012-04-18

Author: Teddi

Before you read: If you’re not good with economies, just stick to digging rocks when RP is released, you might find it easier just being a rock seller.


So I provided a very rough guideline as to how a basic McDonalds burger bun goes from the farm, to being sorted and then becoming flour. However I never specified on how this will be implemented into Roleplay itself.

To break the ice I’ll say it here, EVE Online annoys me. The fact I have to wait days and then log off for skills to complete is plain boring. Sure it frees up your time but I don’t exactly want to play a game where I do one or two things, then bugger off. It’s effectively (without using ISK) paying to have the game play it for you. Yes I’m aware there’s other things in EVE but when it comes down to produce and the economy, it’s pretty boring.  I have no desire to make players to wait 2-3 weeks just so they have a chance of getting enough of a certain type of wheat to efficiently grind it. This isn’t fun to see nor is it fun for the player to interact with.

Instead, I would rather (artificially) make it difficult so that the amount of crop yielded from some wheat is significantly lower initially, especially when everyone is just starting out. As time goes on your (lets say for now) farming skill will increase over time as you continue to grow produce and collect it. This specifically means two things;

  • Your character will naturally become better at something that you have actively been working on. You’re actually rewarded for time spent (similar to other games) doing a specific task
  • You gain more produce as a result of  your skills \o/

It’s not the most exciting example ever but it does show the basics behind the start of a system.

However this is where things start to get interesting. So now you have a choice in terms of what you actually do with the wheat. You can either use it to make various foodstuffs thus honing your skills further in another area and then sell the final product on or you could just sell the wheat directly on.

It’s a small predicament because you can either effectively specialize yourself in terms of the market and be the biggest seed of burger buns or you could instead just sell that wheat on to a supplier. But which choice should you take? On one hand you can grow to become some sort of baker, supplying the residents of <REDACTED> with glorious food and possibly becoming renowned for such talent, or you could attempt to become some sort of trader with an eye for the market, buying low, selling high and effectively living the good life with a reasonable amount of work.

With that, you have the system in RP. Itemization and markets are flexible to the extent that with crafting you can effectively choose your path in terms of what you make and become.  You’re going to have buying and selling of goods across various levels from people trading raw materials to people then using these materials to create other goods to further sell on to other players and thus the grand market is born.


So in short, that’s how a burger bun can climb on top of a pattie.


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