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Attn: Roleplay Beta Invites

Published: 2012-03-10

Author: Teddi

On a fairly regular basis I get the occasional PM from forum users with about 1-5 posts saying they’re interested in the RP Beta and they’re generally asking what it takes to get in.  These members have usually disappeared from [BB] when something slightly flashier came out or simply didn’t care about the community side of things so I figured I would put up a small post clearing a few things up.

At the end of the day the people that are most likely to get invites are the ones that actually you know, stuck with the community through the thick and thin trying to offer support in various ways. Why do you, that person that remembered about us on  the slight off-chance deserve to receive an invite? How would that be fair to the people that have stuck around and that actually have knowledge of what is going on and what is somewhat expected of them?

If you want a possible invite in the future then actually try to integrate with the community and learn the ropes, otherwise you’re the last person who will be receiving anything.

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