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The Lobby Server

Published: 2012-02-27

Author: Santamon

It’s a bit of a well-known secret now (Due to Teddi + Mumble) that we’re going to have a Lobby server for the new Gmod 13 update. The idea behind this is that it will be a place to chill (Amongst other things I will cover) as well as a quick and easy gateway into our many servers. The idea for a Lobby was one Teddi and I discussed over a year ago, however we really had no justification or reason to have one at the time and so it was shelved.

The reason it has come about this time was primarily due to Cube / Escape. Round times could run for 30 minutes +, and so having people die on that and then wait 30 minutes for the next round as unfeasible. Instead, we’re going to have 3 servers which are controlled from the lobby, this means that once people die, they can either spectate, or go back to the Lobby and attempt to join another Cube server (There’s more to it than this, but this post is mainly about the lobby).

So, what’s going to be so good about our Lobby (AKA, what are you ripping off from other servers?) It’s not only going to be a place to chill, but it’s going to have the previously mentioned server portals, Cinema’s, Deathmatch area, Casino, Plat Lounge and a Theatre / dining hall.

Server Portals – As previously mentioned, this will be a gateway to all our other BB servers, such as TTT, Cube, DR and ZE. RP however will be a separate entity from the Lobby.

Deathmatch Zone – Having an Argument with someone and everyone fed up with you spamming chat? Or just feel like capping some bitches? Then go down to our large Deathmatch Arena where you can satisfy those urges! There will be gun, violence and toilets to punt at people!

Cinema’s – Here you will be able to queue up Video’s from Youtube so you can show everyone your Epic MW3 headshot montage with some drum and bass over it! A ‘Multiplayer Youtube’ if you’re so inclined!

Theatre / Dining Hall – here you can just chill, buy a beer or what the on stage performances (Joke night anyone?).

Casino – Somewhere for you to burn all those excess cubes (Or make a fortune) whilst the DR Store has been down!

Plat Lounge – What to feel special and look down on people? Well, from here, you can! Your own little plat area where you can feel like that $15’s was actually almost worth it!

Well, that’s a fair bit of text and as pictures speak a thousand words, here are some! lol lol lol lol (P.S. We promise we’ll get back to RP after this!)

Edit by Teddi: Because Killermon forgot to add something relating to music -

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