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Radio Silence

Published: 2019-12-03

Author: Teddi

We haven’t really used this blog since mid 2018 and in some ways it’s hard to pin down exactly why; it’s more a case of I think we somewhat evolved from a blogging format similar to that of why the forums get used less and Discord is more our central point of contact.

In many ways this sucks - for both us at [BB] and for yourselves within the community because blogs are fantastic at conveying huge chunks of information with perspective that doesn’t quite fit with the short message style of Discord or the more information-seeking discussion type of a forum. Sure your opinion may still pop up and you want to give feedback for it but that’s exactly why we link blog posts to the forum.

Another notable change that happened internally at [BB] is we went from grander, loftier targets to more internal, quarterly / monthly rolling releases. While this wasn’t explicitly decided - I feel Kaiden made the right call here in effectively asking for less - but more direct and attainable content that we know we can get out the door. What this means is we have a content pipeline while bigger features quietly get worked on in the background. However what this has meant in terms of relaying this information to you is new features being added on a rolling basis without any sort of change-log or an easy explanation on how to access these changes / features.

What this overall tells me though is our current model of communication sucks. There is some communication, everyone seems to get a slightly different frame of the picture as opposed to everyone getting the same uniform message. For some things (e.g. gameplay) this can be trickier and needs to be worked on but for general information and why something is done as such - we can do better.

Going forwards I’m going to try and bring the blog back in to relevance. It gives people a chance to peek behind the curtains and for ourselves on the dev team to better relay and explain our position and ideas on what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

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