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Upcoming Feature: Autohop Zones

Published: 2017-10-17

Author: Teddi

So Autohop is coming, but with a twist that is to try and give the best of both worlds to everyone; both users of this system and users who won’t dare touch it.

We’ve been discussing this system for a good few months, even more so since this post was made to further push the autohop discussion. In fact Admins have actually had access to a full autohop system that was useable anywhere in the map - however they weren’t able to record times with this system. Some users also got to test it fairly early on as it wasn’t entirely locked down correctly (oops).

However, more about the zones themselves

Firstly, Autohop Zones can be enabled through the F1 Menu, as below.

However each time the server changes level or you rejoin the server you’ll need to recheck the option each time. In general we don’t want to overly encourage this system for players. We want you to become better, to excel and to improve. Forever using this system won’t help you with that so the general idea is eventually, hopefully, you’ll just surf and completely forget you even had it turned on!

Furthermore with this system enabled you are no longer eligible for time-trial records. This was quite a hefty discussion we had internally but we came to the agreement that realistically we tend to avoid bhop heavy maps and the system isn’t deployed on most maps, therefore to keep the status quo - for now is the intention. You are however still completely eligible for Cubes without any negative impact. Therefore if you’re attempting to farm Cubes you’re now able to do so a little bit faster with somewhat more effectiveness.

For those that are looking to use this system, here’s a few locations (and an example of how they look) -


For those that have no interest in using such a system - don’t worry! You don’t ever see these zones, your records cannot be taken by these users and there’s no change to your Surf experience. For those that are using this system - other users aren’t able to tell other than the fact that you don’t set records. However as you have the ability to disable this feature anyhow it’s no sure-fire way of saying if a user is using this system or not.

If you’re eagerly anticipating the launch of this system, it’ll come around the same time as the Halloween event! And if you’re a player who is having trouble completing maps due to hopping and the like; I do suggest you use this. We’re trying to create a system that helps you in an educational sense as opposed to one that you can hop and then turn your brain off.

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