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Is it really that time again?

Published: 2016-09-27

Author: Teddi

In a sense it really does feel like that time again, with the recent community revival and many of you just arriving. Unusually so I’m going to go off the beaten track slightly for a blog post and be a tad more personal.

Firstly, I’m generally in a happy place where [BB] is at the moment. It’s grown well over the past year in both in the sense of development and community. We’ve had some awesome new people join the admin team and just the community as a whole; there’s been regular updates (more on this later) with events happening - to the extent that we’re trying to make events more of an ongoing, concurrent thing. Many of you chose to donate via the new donation system which, for the first time in over 2-3 years has allowed the community to pay for the server in its entirety as opposed to me paying out of my own pocket.

All in all - I couldn’t be happier with the way things are heading right now. That’s not to say that we’re there yet (we have far, far more on the cards we want to get out) but I’d like to think of it that we’ve gone in a positive direction.  There are plans to open up and delegate more things to you, the community members (and a designated ‘MVP’ moderator status for some members) to further assist in the growth of [BB] and also its’ membership.

I’ve had some queries as to a recent “lack” of updates (and also my own / Killermons whereabouts). In terms of updates, the last sanctioned update was the 4th of September - so at time of writing nearly a month ago. It’s a fair point that updates were at maximum usually two weeks apart (or at least some sort of clear development roadmap was on the cards). Although I can’t speak for Killermon entirely; we’ve both been transitioning into new roles at our new / current job which (at least for myself) has resulted in a slight temporary priority shift and shuffling of what we work on. For myself personally it’s lifted huge levels of stress and issues I’ve faced over the past year in my own personal life; to the extent I wouldn’t have considered that I’d have been buying my first car last week.

So to tl;dr the above: shit happened and I’m in a far better place!

We have updates planned for Halloween and to start rolling them out more frequently again. With the Map Committee taking over the map priorities for me; we should see more maps making an appearance soon alongside a bunch of long-standing feature requests.

Stay tuned and we’ll soon be back to our regular programming.

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