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Incoming a bulk set of updates for Surf

Published: 2016-03-23

Author: Teddi

It’s been a while since Surf was updated and people keep asking when x, y or z feature is coming. So this is just to shed some light with the current situation.

As it stands many of the systems are nearing various states of completion such as the donation system, hard server, Platinum trails and so on. However instead of dripping these out bit by bit I’m aiming to largely update all of these at the same time. Mostly because some features are more unique and exclusive to others and I’d rather everyone get a chance to enjoy at least something.

Hard Server

It’s on its way. Most of the legwork has been done and the movement updated and fine-tuned. What I’m contemplating doing is for the short term - seeing how people handle being able to access the server freely. I don’t know how effective this will be but we’ll see over time I guess.

Donation System

Is almost done essentially, I’m more wrapping things up with redundancy and extra checks to ensure everything is accounted for no matter what (that and making the system look generally prettier). There’ll be three things available from launch for the donation system. These will be Platinum (legacy for the current time), ability to purchase cubes and also title cards (ability to “tag” each other).

Platinum related features

For the most part, I think people mostly care about trails here. They’re coming back just like as they did originally with a selection of materials / colours to pick from. There isn’t much to say with this one really.


It’s brief, but to the point. As the systems come out, there’ll be more in-depth information released.

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