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Time to be zapped (by this stunstick)!

Published: 2015-08-05

Author: Teddi

Hello stranger, here we are again.

Recently we released our HL2Rp server based on Nutscript ( which has had limited success as of far. We’re using it as a testbed for certain Life elements (death lockout, item based economy and the like)  and we’d really like it if people gave it a shot! It’s different in various ways which are outlined here.  All in all we hope it makes for more fun gameplay - especially with the lack of set-in-stone rules.

I’m also really looking to get Escape live soon. I’ve finished updating some networking data and implementing the group system. This means as opposed to crowding in a cube and hoping to get in (with friends at that) you’ll be able to queue up in a pre-determined party (3-8 players) and attempt to escape! There’s some finishing touches in the works including making sure the queuing / response system is active. This in theory actually allows us to run more servers than there are Cube ‘slots’ in the map itself. There’s still a few minor finishing touches to apply to Escape, but the majority of bugs have been worked out.

Finally, we’re looking for new staff to reinvigorate the servers and help get them active. We’re looking to be more leniant and dropping some of the requirements. Wanting to apply? Go here.


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