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An Addendum to the previous length of String

Published: 2013-10-06

Author: Teddi

I’ll make this somewhat more informative with future plans as a whole so people can understand in better terms what the previous post was about (in case you didn’t get it the first time).

With bringing Killermon on board it’s allowed for freeing up of certain resources because it’s an extra person dedicated to other tasks leaving for other work to be performed and tested, for example a complete rewrite of the SQL system and moving over to tMySQL4 (you don’t need to know what these are, just the implications). As a result it improves workflow and allows for increased production on what were otherwise somewhat tedious tasks and archaic systems in need of an update.

As mentioned by Killermon however, this does mean that all gamemodes need a refresh to support the new systems, with two gamemodes already live and active on the beta system (git ilu never leave me bb). With this we can progress to getting all gamemodes active and live on the new system before enforcing the switch over (again git never leave me kk) which includes some updating of the previous Life systems which heavily relied on the old mysqloo systems (this is due to no compatibility layer, which isn’t such an issue now).

However in slightly more recent ( and popular?) news Killermon now has access to the Life sourcecode, of which we plan to start drafting up some workflows to start a better form of production, albeit Killermon will need time to adapt to the systems Life uses (which in many cases can become somewhat complex).


So hey, there’s that. (Forum Thread: )

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