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A small roundup as of far.

Published: 2012-06-01

Author: Teddi

I get the general impression that people believe that people believe that the new roleplay script is basically RP09 + 1 - the failure that it was so I just want to clarify a few things.

Firstly from a codebase point of view, everything has been written from the ground up and fresh. I learned from the mistake with RP09 that attempting to build on something without trying to break something else is nigh impossible. It slowed down development and really just screwed over performance in the end. It’s not just a case of us modifying some stuff, but it is actually a complete new gamemode from a development standpoint.

Another thing is in terms of difficulty, the gamemode is arguably quite a bit harder to get into. You no longer have the luxury (as mentioned before) to just use a F2 / QMenu to buy items and have them pop up. There’s a circle of life which means that everything must come from something, the base of which most of the time will be raw materials.

The police are actually a threat now to criminals. Gone are the days of antagonizing the police force whom effectively either get beaten up or reguarly shot. Due to their training their base skills are far more effective and they have various ways of getting you to comply with the law. Think that glock might get you somewhere? Think again. The Police all work in teams of which all have the very best available combat gear for the most part. Not only that but they have a way to ensure they keep all your crimes logged. Oh and not only that, jail times are now a considerable time depending on your actions. Murder a few people? Don’t expect to see the light of day any time soon. Not only that but the station doubles up as a fortress, so your buddies are unlikely to get you out either.

Things in many respects are more restrictive, but they’re also more free. The fact your character can run around being some crowbar-wielding nut that picks locks, or a upstanding citizen that has intricate medical knowledge is what really brings this game to life. You have the ability to make your character(s) something you actually want it ( or them) to be.

I hope this opens peoples eyes as to how expansive and creative this will allow people to be. One could even argue this isn’t even Roleplay anymore, but something way beyond that.

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