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Corporations and you

Published: 2011-12-05

Author: Kaiden

Being in charge of the corporation development, I thought I’d share some concepts with you.

First off, hierarchy. Corporations will follow a simple hierarchical structure, shown here. Hi! It starts with the owner. He/she may or may not choose to appoint some extra executives to be in charge while he/she is gone. The owner and other executives can create and remove branches at will. They can also appoint a number of managers (max. 3) to a branch, who will then be able to hire employees. The number of branches an owner or executive can make is unlimited at the moment.

Second, there’s the permission system. As an owner, you won’t want the shipping department of your company be able to access the bank account. You will, however, want your accountants to be able to do this. For this, there’s an easily changeable permissions system, which allows you to specify permissions per branch, and even set different permissions for managers and employees of that branch. As of now, there are 6 different permission types: 1: Access bank (money), for accounting 2: Access bank (items), for shipping 3: Production (using company resources for manufacturing) 4: Manage branches (basically give executive powers to a branch) 5: Manage permissions 6: Access doors (locking and unlocking)

That’s all there really is to it. Corporations are basically just a system for organization purposes, which will intertwine with other elements in RP (stocks, banks, crafting etc.)

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