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Published: 2011-11-04

Author: Teddi

Well as per usual we’ve all been working towards getting things done. I’m just waiting for the updated server bins in for the Gmod Beta to come out.

A few days ago i started working on RP08. No particular reason as to why, I was just bored and thought hey, why not. I set up a googlecode repository for SVN and started ripping it apart, making changes (so it uses sqlite by default instead of mysql, far easier to setup that way) and other interesting changes. About a day or so into doing all of this I just stopped and thought “what the hell am I doing”.

Why was I working on RP08 when I could have quite easily been putting the time into say, the Roleplay script or other things? It made no sense to me apart from me wanting to “have a script out there that everyone can use”. I pretty much feel that I haven’t done the public release of RP08 any justice considering how out of date it is and how badly optimized the script as an overall is.

I’m still not sure if I should go ahead working on this, comitting the code to the googlecode repository and letting users download from it, or let the repository expire and maybe do this at a later date.


Anyone have any thoughts?

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