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You Failed!

Published: 2011-10-12

Author: Santamon

Yes, you! And especially you Robert!

We all have our failures, some more than others (Teddi). This is a failure I thought I would share.  RP mapping has certainly slowed down in the past number of weeks – why? The Police station! So what’s so hard about the police station I can’t hear you ask? It’s just getting the right feel - the first iteration of the police station felt like an amalgam between HL2 and Real life RP. This was NOT how we wanted the police station to feel, we wanted something clean and modern - so we scrapped it. Ironically this small map took me about a month to build because I just struggled so hard to make it ‘flow’ properly.

Here is a download link to the failed police station (Which has been completely scrapped), some parts are lit, however if you go into an unlit area, just run the command ‘mat_fullbright 1’. When you play it, you’ll know what I mean.

Download link: 

And also, an obligatory embarrassing picture of Teddi (Sorry, some survived my SSD failure Teddi!)

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