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Partial Code Freeze

Published: 2011-09-16

Author: Teddi

First of all I’ll apologise for the distinct lack of updates recently. We’ve been ploughing through a few things as well as the moving of webservers.

However effective today there’s a partial codefreeze on the Roleplay Gamemode.

You may or may not be aware of the fact Garry is writing one of the biggest updates for Garrysmod ever. He’s breaking things he never would have dared before and overall it’s moving away from just being a sourcemod to becoming its own thing. However something this morning made me realise how drastic these changes are going to be.

Garry posted on his blog ( ) about the update and about one of the Derma Elements that he’s going to effectively change and break. Now you’re probably wondering how this affects Roleplay as a whole, and it affects it and other gamemodes quite heavily.

DPanelList is what we use for having multiple objects in one space. For example the store in the Platinum gamemodes or the Character selection screen in Roleplay. It gives us an effective way of putting things in one area, presenting them nicely with some added functionality. However the backend to the object itself isn’t too great. However this isn’t too much of an issue as this is ran on the client and not the server. Effectively he’s splitting this into two (or three controls, depending how you look at it) meaning that if we write code for this now, we’re probably going to end up rewriting the entire thing just for this update.

So mostly this code freeze just applies to vgui stuff. Most of the server functions are our own and written primarily by ourselves. The only risk there is certain hooks breaking that are called specifically by Garrysmod itself.

So yeah, unfortunately this is a delay, but it should be worth it (still hoping for that edict raise Garry)!

Also, ever heard of Madeon? You should have, he’s pretty fucking awesome.

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