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Apparantly I can fly!

Published: 2011-08-15

Author: Teddi

I’m in the process of resetting my body clock at the moment and I tend not to code anything during that time. My mind gets a bit ugh so anything I make will be sheer genious or pretty shit.

A while back I recorded a few clips when the replay update first came out. I didn’t do anything or upload anything from it at the time but I was somewhat curious. I figured instead of letting the night / day be a total waste I’d check out the replay tool and see how effective / good it was.

Overall it’s a pretty excellent tool that lets you edit and render to a basic point something that doesn’t look too shit. Ideally you would render a few takes, import them to vegas and edit it that way; but not everyone has vegas (and doesn’t want to use that shit called WMM) so the straight up editing and uploading to youtube is pretty decent.

Below are two clips. They’re the same thing however one is in first person and the other is edited with various shots and movement (both used the .264 codec). The only real problem I found between the first / third person views was the framerate on the video using various shots seemed to have dips in the framerate at times. Maybe it’s just me but it certainly looked like that.

Edited Clip-

Straight up unedited clip-

Overall that was about an hours worth of work or so. Not bad for that!

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