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So why a lack of updates recently?

Published: 2011-05-29

Author: Teddi

From time to time all the developers get bored with working on RP. I don’t blame any of us as it’s a large task which really can be quite tedious when trying to get that one feature right so we make another project just to work on for a while; possibly to learn from or just to stem the boredom.

During this time I’ve been working on AMen2 for the Admins. They’re picky about how their admin systems work so I’ve been working on making it a full blown thing, far more advanced than anything we’ve ever had and also more elaborate. I’m not going to share screenshots because it’s an admin thing mostly. That and I’ve been working on ZE alongside Whitefang. ZE is actually mostly done, we’re just trying to get a few of the nicer details down and then release it.

Whitefang has mostly been busy with school. It’s the last few weeks before he’s finished for the summer so they’re pretty much finding things they haven’t done and are throwing it at him. So useless! (School, not him)

Killermon is making good headway on the RP map and I think he’s also having some fun with it. But at the same time he’s also giving him small things to do such as the new fotc deathrun map he recently made. It’s an excellent map, especially the start.

Regarding the Edict limit we haven’t heard back from Valve or Garry, so we’re now working on what we can keep. It really is a fine line.

So that’s an update I suppose. I might bring you a preview in the upcoming week or so of falling off buildings in RP.

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