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An update + Multiworlds!

Published: 2011-02-24

Author: Teddi

Sorry for the long delay regarding any news. We’ve been quite busy digging at the code, working on a new map etc and we often do multiple things at once.

At the moment I’m more responsible for all core functions (eg character loading, saving, updating, ensuring the data is all intact and valid) whereas Whitefang is responsible for things relating to the inventory, bank and corp system. This means that we’re both building systems that are half finished and not entirely there as the gamemode is built upwards. This is to be expected as it expands and becomes more complete. The good news is though (I suppose) is that these are pretty close to their final versions (if not final themselves) and we’re finding ourselves slowly starting to put more and more content in.


This leads us to the multiworlds concept which is by far no new concept with some servers already using it (albeit not very well). We intend to implement this into roleplay ourselves, however with a slight twist. Most servers if you just change server spawn you at the default area, or at some scripted area where everyone spawns. This won’t be the case with Roleplay and it’s very scenario specific as to where you’ll spawn.

But that’s all for now. We should hopefully have screenshots and a bit more content for you soon.

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