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Published: 2010-07-09

Author: Kaiden

We’ve been discussing on how to handle these in terms of buying. We’ve pretty much already worked out that you’ll be able to PERMANENTLY own these doors. However, that gave us another problem, lack of space. We’ll never be able to make an optimized map big enough to fit everyone in a home, they’ll all be gone after a (short?) while.

One thing we thought of was instancing, coming from Teddi’s WoW addiction. What would happen is, we would place a doorbell entity outside the front door, giving a list of people who’ve bought this house. You’d be able to select one, and either go in (have access or are the owner), or ring the doorbell and hope someone’s in.

Of course, we will be able to control which doors get this system, and which doors will have a “population cap” (ex. simple apartments will have no (or a high) cap, while mansions will have a 3 player cap)

Comments? Suggestions? Criticism?

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